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Before Anti-wrinkle Treatment

I think I’m about a 1000 times more confident. I am definitely happy that I did it this way as opposed to surgically. I’d do it again in a heartbeat  

Leslie is a vibrant, creative business woman who wanted her outward appearance to reflect her inner vitality and happiness. A painful past had left her looking haggard and much older than her physical age of 52. During a poignant moment on television, she pointed to her face and said: “This is not just a wrinkle that shows age. This is the pain. This is the history.” When her transformation was complete, she recounted an incident in which someone had asked if she was her daughter’s grandmother. Grinning at the camera she said, “I don’t think they’ll ask me that today.” Since the makeover, Leslie says, “I feel refreshed and ready to take on the world.”

Leslie’s primary concerns were: Deep wrinkles, skin laxity, jowls, under eye bags, thin lips, and uneven skin tone. Her combination treatment included a SoftLift makeover for wrinkles & volume and a BBL (broadband light) treatment to reduce uneven pigmentation and broken blood vessels.

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Before & After Anti-wrinkle Treatment

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