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What is Cosmelan® ?

Cosmelan® is an intensive, yet non-invasive treatment created specifically for the correction of skin discoloration, melasma and aging skin. Melanin is the pigment component of the skin which gives our skin its color. Melanin is determined by genetics, however the amount and density of our melanin can be affected adversely by factors such as repeated sun exposure, aging and hormonal changes. Cosmelan® works by resurfacing discolored skin in order to expose clear, unmarked skin and helps to prevent new excess pigmentation from forming. Cosmelan® is safe and highly effective for all skin types and tones.

Before After
Before Hyperpigmentation Treatment After Hyperpigmentation Treatment
Hyperpigmentation of forehead One week after one Cosmelan® treatment

Unretouched clinical photos J. Curry, MD, MRCS

In only one week you will notice a significant improvement in the appearance of your skin. In 99% of cases the appearance of imperfections caused by pigmentation were improved by 95%.

How doesCosmelan® work?

The Cosmelan® Depigmentation process is based on the inhibition of tyrosinase, a basic enzyme produced when melanin forms in our skin. Several of the substances contained in Cosmelan® work to block this enzyme by inverting the metabolic process of the transformation chain.

Cosmelan® Depigmentation Treatment starts with a highly active and concentrated mask that is applied in office at the clinic. This mask is worn home and allowed to remain on the skin for a predetermined length of time depending on your skin type and pigmentation problem. The mask will work to lightly peel discolored skin away, revealing unmarked and undamaged skin. The mask is then followed by the Cosmelan® home care program which will work to re-hydrate your skin and continue the benefits of the in office treatment mask.

What areas of the skin can Cosmelan® treat?

  • Facial Skin
  • Skin on the Hands
What pigmentation problems can Cosmelan® treat?

  • Aging skin caused by repeated sun exposure
  • Facial blemishes due to excessive pigmentation or melasma
  • General imperfections caused by melanin

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