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Spider Veins

What are Leg Spider Veins?

For Facial Spider Veins, Rosacea or Broken Capillaries see Photofacial Treatments or ClearScan™ Rosacea.

Spider veins are thin red or blue vascular lesions or veins that can be seen running close to the surface of the skin. Most commonly, they are located on the thighs, knees, calves and ankles. There are a number of factors which contribute to the formation of these unsightly little veins such as trauma to the area, standing for long periods of time, diet, sun exposure and genetic predisposition. There is no cure for spider veins, however they can be managed quite effectively by professionals who are qualified to perform laser vein therapy. The Profile ClearScan™ laser by Sciton, comfortably and effectively treats spider veins – finally, you can dare to go bare!

How does ClearScan™ Laser Spider Vein Therapy work?

The ClearScan™ is a new laser technology which effectively shrinks and fades vascular lesions using infrared energy. This is a simple and well tolerated procedure in which the laser head is placed in contact with the vascular area while it emits a heating energy. This energy penetrates into the vein and without harm to the surface of the skin works to break down the debris causing the spider vein. The heating energy causes the debris to dissipate and the spider vein shrinks and fades away over the next few days to 2 weeks.

How many treatments will I need?

Often spider veins can be treated in one session. However, some veins are deeper and spread over a larger area. These veins may require more than one treatment.

What can I expect after treatment?

After your treatment, you can experience some redness and swelling at the treated site, however this will reside in 1-3 days. There is no anesthetic required to manage this treatment. Patients report that the laser gives a variable heating sensation which lasts for the duration of the treatment. In most cases the sensation is quite tolerable. Treatment times take just a few minutes to up to one half hour per session. There is virtually no down time with laser vein therapy, and in most cases you can immediately resume normal activity.

BEAUTI-MED is pleased to offer SIGVARIS® Medical Compression Stockings to help you maintain the effects of your treatment and prevent the development of new spider veins. SIGVARIS® stockings are available in a wide range of textures, colors and styles.

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