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Redensity II – Under Eye Treatment

Tired of being told you look tired, or asked if you had a bad night, or even worse, being referred to as a raccoon? Finally, there is a treatment that addresses the eye circles and the delicate tissue in this area. For a long lasting and natural treatment for the eye circles, Teosyal Puresence Redensity II, has been created as a three-in-one sophisticated combination.

Who is the best candidate for Redensity II ?

Individuals with eye circles, defined tear troughs, palpebromalar groove (the groove extending to the far corners of the eye) or minimal papebral or malar bags. Large eye bags or exclusively pigmented, dark circles cannot be treated.

Before & After Redensity II Eye Treatment

Why is Redensity II recommended for the eye area?

Redensity II is semi-cross linked with a low level of Hylauronic Acid. Hylauronic Acid is a natural ingredient found in the skin. With this injection we are simply replacing what is lacking, to a smaller degree, to reduce redness and swelling.

Redensity II has an ideal viscoelasticity; meaning that it has a high spreading capability, to maximize the ease of injection and positioning of the product.

Not only does Redensity II fill the areas around the eyes to dissipate the shadows, which result in eye circles; it also treats the very fine skin below the eye. Redensity has a derma-restructuring complex which consists of 8 amino acids, 3 antioxidants, 2 minerals (zinc and copper) and vitamin B6. All which benefit the integrity of the thin skin under the eye.

Is Redensity II safe and how long does it last?

Redensity II was tested with a high degree of satisfaction. Out of 67 patients tested over a year; 4 cases redness and post-injection bruising disappeared with 72 hours after injection. One single case of oedema was observed. The oedema reabsorbed spontaneously in less than one month.

The majority of patients were satisfied with the results immediately after injection, at month-6, and month-12, and would recommend it to their relatives.

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