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Nefertiti Lift

Nefertiti LiftA well defined jawline has been a sign of beauty since the time of the Egyptians. This new procedure which creates a well toned, smooth, and lifted jawline was named for Queen Nefertiti, whose bone structure continues to be admired in modern times.

As we age, the effects of gravity, genetics, and the environment, cause our skin to slacken as we lose elasticity. Our bone structure becomes less visible as the taut contours of youth give way. The Nefertiti Lift redefines the elegant lines of the jaw and neck for a youthful, tighter, more contoured appearance.

How it works

Botox is injected along the lower jaw line to rebalance the underlying muscles and provide ‘lifting’ in the neck and jaw area.

Please see our Botox page for specific information on Botox Cosmetic®.

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