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Modelis Shape: Contouring Dermal Filler

Modelis Shape - Contouring FillerModelis Shape is a relatively new volume dermal filler based on Anteis technology. This technology makes it possible to treat, in a very natural way, volume areas of the face – a product that lasts for up to 2 years.

Very malleable, Modelis is clearly made for the ‘Shaping’ of the face, mainly in areas requiring large volumes of fillers like the cheeks and jawline; for example. In 2010, Modelis was introduced on the Canadian market. Modelis allows for:

  • enhancement of the face (cheeks, oval of the face, chin, nose, jawline)
  • restoration of volumes lost due to aging and loss of weight

Modelis was conceived with the double objective to offer an extraordinary capacity of modeling and to make the injection comfortable. This technology, developed by Anteis, is the only one to offer this specific combination. Thanks to this technology, associating the properties of elasticity, cohesivity, and plasticity, Modelis has the following advantages:

  • Strong volumetric capacity
  • Great ease of injection
  • Absence of migration of the product
  • Remarkable malleability and plasticity
  • Corrective life ( 1.5 to 2 years)
  • Perfect and sure bio-compatibility

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