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Enhancing the Aging Eye with LATISSE®

Clinical studies show that eyelashes start to diminish when we are in our 20’s to 30’s. The lashes become shorter, lighter, and thinner; the medical term for this is hypotrichosis. This term means you don’t have enough lashes.

Today we can fight this change with a prescription product distributed by Allergan: LATISSE®. This patented, prescription, eyelash product will grow eyelashes fuller, longer and darker; results can be seen as soon as eight weeks. To realize full results it takes approximately 12 to 16 weeks. (This works for eye brows as well!).

To apply LATISSE®, the eye area should be cleansed of all make up and eye contacts should be removed prior to application. All necessary tools are supplied with the LATISSE® prescription to apply the product. Remove one of the applicators from its plastic tray. From supplied bottle, place one drop of the LATISSE® solution on the brush tip of the horizontally held applicator.

Draw the tip of the applicator on to the eyelid, close to the lashes. As if applying eyeliner, work from the inner eye to the outer edge. Dry any excess run of solution. Throw this applicator away. For the other eye, take a new applicator from its tray and repeat the process. Two applicators are used to avoid any cross contamination.

LATISSE® is available at a few select, approved medical doctors’ offices. You will be required to have a consultation with the doctor, as this is a prescription. Prescriptions can be filled at the Beauti-Med Laser Skin Care office, immediately after your consultation.

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