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Chemical Peels

What is a Chemical Peel?

Chemical Peeling Port CoquitlamAlso known as a fruit acid peel, glycolic or AHA peel, chemical peels have been used in one form or another since the days of Cleopatra. Now, modern science explains what the ancients seemed to inherently know about the anatomy and function of our skin. Throughout our life healthy skin undergoes a cyclical progression of forming new cells and shedding old ones. As we grow older, collagen and elastin in the skin tightly bond together, slowing our ability to regenerate and shed cells. This leaves us with skin that is lusterless, dehydrated and lined at the surface. The active ingredients in chemical peels work by speeding up and repairing cell regeneration, while bringing new cells to the surface of the skin. The result is fresher and more youthful skin that looks vibrant, smoother in texture and more uniform in color.

What’s in a Chemical Peel?

BEAUTI-MED peels contain the highest quality Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) and Beta Hydroxy Acids. AHAs and BHAs are a group of naturally occurring acids that are derived from plants and fruits such as apples, grapes, citrus and sugar cane. Glycolic Acids are a type AHA and are considered the most versatile in terms of effectiveness and ability to absorb deep into the skin where cellular correction is needed. Glycolic Acid works by penetrating the surface layer of the skin in order to break down the bond that holds damaged and surface skin cells together, while stimulating the growth of new collagen. Cosmetic research with Glycolic Acid has shown that it is able to repair a number of skin conditions, effectively renewing the skin’s surface to a natural, flawless glow.

Chemical PeelingBEAUTI-MED uses X-FOL Skin Rejuvenation peels, by Medique Skin Care™. Medique X-FOL combines four Alpha Hydroxy Acids plus two Beta Hydroxy Acids, resulting in an even, multifaceted exfoliation with less stinging and irritation than previously available.

How does a Chemical Peel work?

The method of application is simple: the peel solution is applied to your skin and left on for a set period of time. The solution is then neutralized to stop its action and then cleansed from the skin. Our chemical peels are concentrated in strength from 10% to 70%. The strength of your peel will be chosen according to what is best suited to your specific skin condition.

What skin conditions do Chemical Peels treat?

What can I expect after treatment?

Common effects immediately after a chemical peel include a mild sun burn like sensation with varying degrees of redness at the skin’s surface, dehydration of the skin and “peeling” or flaking away of the skin’s surface cells. Over the next few days redness, dryness and peeling will subside, revealing fresh, newly regenerated skin. The term “peel” is relative to the strength of the chemical solution used and your skin’s response to the solution. Healing time will vary from 5 to 14 days. During this time you must avoid sun exposure and wear a sunscreen of at least 30 SPF. After, it is recommended that sunscreen be worn daily as part of your everyday good skin care routine.

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