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Acne Blue Light Therapy

Blue-U Acne Therapy

What is acne?

Acne is a common skin condition that can occur at any age. Contrary to what many of us have been told, acne is not our fault. It is not caused by junk food, poor hygiene or stress, although in some cases these factors may aggravate an existing problem. Acne pimples, black heads and white heads occur when excess oils from our sebaceous glands become trapped within the skin’s pores or follicles and cannot reach the surface of the skin. When oil is trapped, it produces a type of bacteria referred to as P. acnes. This bacteria inflames the skin, resulting in varying degrees of acneic outbreak from mild to severe. Exfoliating acneic skin with the idea that this alone will unclog pores can aggravate already inflamed skin and spread bacteria to unaffected areas so that breakouts become cyclical and persistent. So, what’s the answer?

How can BLUE-U Acne Therapy help?

The key to effective acne control is twofold. Control excess oil, and destroy the P. acnes bacteria before it has a chance to thrive and inflame your skin. Each of these is accomplished, simply and effectively with the BLUE-U’s ultra blue cool light. No more abrasives, harsh oral medications or topical spot treatments. Completely safe with no side effects, BLUE–U Acne Therapy will light the way to clear, blemish free skin.

How does BLUE-U Acne Therapy work?

Designed to treat mild to moderate acne, BLUE-U Acne Therapy is simple and painless. While you relax in a prone or sitting position, the BLUE-U directs a bright blue, cool to the touch light from U shaped bulbs to the acneic areas of your skin. Goggles are worn to protect your eyes from the bright light. While you relax, the blue light works to kill the P. acnes bacteria on your skin and shrink sebaceous glands so that your pores and follicles produce less oil. Existing acne is treated while new acne is prevented. Most acne patients require 6-10 weekly treatments ranging in duration from 10-30 minutes each. For patients wanting faster results or with more severe forms of acne, alternative treatment with Photodynamic Therapy may be advised.

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