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Before Facial Rejuvenation Treatment

…I received facial rejuvenation for wrinkles & sun damage and UltraShape for my body. The results have been fantastic. I look refreshed and for the first time I can look at my stomach and feel proud instead of cringing. I am the mother of four children and have never looked better! Many thanks to the truly wonderful staff at Beauti-Med… Colleen  

Colleen is the busy mother of four children. She devotes much of her time to animal rescue, rehabilitating horses, cats, and dogs who have been injured or neglected. Accumulative sun damage had left her skin uneven and rough, while eyelid hooding made her feel older than her age. Despite an active lifestyle, she found it difficult to reduce the stubborn fat on her belly. Following her makeover, Colleen said, “It feels good. I know I still look like myself, I just feel like I’ve been rejuvenated. When I look in the mirror now, I feel like I look so much younger than I am. It feels amazing.”

Her combination treatment included a Microlaser Peel Therapy and Profractional Laser (face and eyes) to even her skin tone, regain lost tone and elasticity, and rejuvenate her tired complexion. UltraShape reduced her baby belly by 9 cm and increased her body confidence.

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Before & After Laser Skin Resurfacing Procedure

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