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3 Jul

UltraShape – An Easy Way to Lose Inches

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You have worked hard to lose a couple of inches, just to be disappointed again. You tried the Grouse Mountain Grind, the Coquitlam Crunch, the Fitness Room in Vancouver, and runs in the park, and dieting; but to no available – those stubborn inches just won’t budge.

Body Contouring

The Technology

It is time for a proven technology – UltraShape. UltraShape is a FDA approved, non-invasive, body contouring, and fat-destroying procedure. Selectively focusing on destroying fat cells with ultrasound, UltraShape’s proven therapeutic process has been used for many years in medical procedures. Once the membrane is broken the contents of the fat cell are cleared by the body’s natural metabolic process.


Safe, effective and painless; UltraShape uses the ultrasound technology to selectively target fat cells, and in the process, breaks the membrane of the fat cells by rapidly shaking them.

UltraShape causes no bruising, swelling, or post treatment discomfort as it only targets fat cells; leaving skin, blood vessels, and nerves untouched. As well, since the procedure is painless, no needles or anesthesia are needed.

How it Works

As you relax, a trained professional guides the computerized UltraShape transducer over the area that is of concern, delivering pulsed ultrasound waves into the unwanted fat cells. Once the fat cells are destroyed, using the UltraShape technology; the fat cells will not reproduce – therefore, the results are long-lasting.


Results are realized, after your UltraShape treatment, in as little as a month, yielding an average reduction of 2 cm in your body circumference.

The whole procedure takes approximately 60 to 90 minutes in a doctor’s clinic. Directly after the UltraShape treatment you are up and about resuming your daily routine without any down or recovery time required. All you have to do is show off your new and improved body shape and continue with a healthy lifestyle.

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