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31 Jul

Removing Stubborn Cellulite

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Removing stubborn cellulite can be one of the biggest obstacles in getting the physique you’ve always wanted. But knowing what to do isn’t always easy, and you may have already tried products that left you disappointed with the results.

Cellulite Skin

The development of cellulite is influenced by factors such as genetics and hormones, as well as weight. As fat cells grow, they begin to create pressure against connective tissue, which results in the visible signs most people have come to know.

There are a number of treatments available that have proven to be effective in removing stubborn cellulite.

Cold-Laser Massage

In 2004, the use of Tri-Active laser was introduced to the market. The treatment involves the use of a suction device that massages and helps drain the lymphatic system.

A low level of heat is applied using a diode that helps to promote the development of new collagen. The device also applies a cooling factor that helps counterbalance the heat.

Over time, this can result in a more firm skin tone. The procedure is also painless, making it an ideal choice for highly sensitive people.

Mechanical Massage

Much like the cold-laser treatment, the mechanical massage is applied using the Cellu M6 device to help improve lymphatic drainage. It also stimulates the flow of blood and helps to elongate the tissue that results in cellulite’s “dimple” effect.

Research has shown that the procedure can also stimulate the development of new collage in the deeper layers of the skin. This new collagen sets the foundation for better looking and smoother skin.

Thermage Cellulite Treatment

For more long-term results, using the cellulite treatment by Thermage has helped many women eliminate the appearance of cellulite. Results are achieved in one application and require no recovery time.

The treatment works through the use of a radio frequency applied deep into the skin layers. This causes the skin to become tighter and sets the stage for new collagen growth over the following months.

The Thermage cellulite treatment also works to fill in and smooth out the dimples caused by cellulite.

It’s a non-invasive treatment option that provides results that last longer than other methods. Considering that many cellulite treatments cause discomfort and must be applied multiple times, the Thermage treatment provides a more comfortable and effective way to remove stubborn cellulite.

Getting rid of cellulite can be difficult when you don’t know what options will work for you. Understanding what causes cellulite lets you choose the most effective treatment.

Consulting with your dermatologist or aesthetician is the first step for smooth and younger looking skin.

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