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2 Oct

3 Amazing Benefits of Velashape 2

Posted in Body Solutions

Approximately 80% of women have some form of cellulite within their bodies, and many Canadian women are now reviewing their cosmetic options as they look to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Before & After Velashape 2

Velashape 2 is one of the foremost cosmetic treatment options for removing cellulite from the body, and within this post our expert team looks at three of the amazing benefits of the Velashape 2 treatment.

1. It’s a Clinically Proven, Non-Invasive Tool

When examining the cosmetic marketplace, it’s clear there are a number of procedures that promise to remove cellulite and tone the body, but many of these procedures are invasive and require the person to undergo long operations, which then require a significant recovery period.

The Velashape 2 treatment is ideal because it doesn’t require any downtime for the patient. There’s no pain and the treatment process can be completed in as little as six weeks. This means that within just six weeks, patients can significantly tone and shape their body using the Velashape 2 tool.

2. Significant Fat Shrinkage

Unlike many of the other treatment options available to remove cellulite from the body, Velashape offers proven results with a measurable reduction in the body’s fat content.

The tool works by emitting a bi-polar frequency and infrared light waves deep into the skin’s tissue. This causes the fat cells within the tissue to shrink and helps smoothen out the skin – reducing the appearance of cellulite on the body. In addition to reducing the appearance of cellulite, the Velashape 2 treatment also helps to improve blood circulation in treated areas and increases the metabolic rate of the fat tissue.

This increase in the metabolic rate then further helps to lessen the visibility of fat on the body.

3. There are No Side Effects

One of the most common complaints from individuals undergoing other fat removal treatments is the pain problems they face in the weeks after their treatment. It takes many months for treatment scars to heal, and some patients suffer swelling in treatment areas. Velashape 2 offers the ideal treatment alternative because there are no side-effects. Patients will simply undergo their treatment sessions and watch as the fat melts away from their body.

It’s the proven treatment solution for resolving issues with cellulite. To learn more on the Velashape 2 treatment, speak with our expert team directly today!

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