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11 Jan

Why Non-Invasive Treatments Are So Popular Right Now

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Despite challenging economic times, North Americans continue to spend money trying to improve their external appearance. There has been a dramatic increase in the popularity of non-invasive treatments as a viable alternative to traditional surgery, and there may be a few reasons for this.

Laser Treatment

Cost effectiveness
Laser procedures have actually been reducing in cost over the years. This makes cosmetic surgery a possible solution despite unfavourable economic conditions. People are attracted by the lower cost of laser treatment compared to traditional surgery that is not only more expensive but much more invasive, requiring a longer period of recovery.

Medicinal capabilities
Some of the most cutting edge technology has allowed drugs to be delivered directly onto the skin using laser treatment. This treatment will be specially designed to treat common skin conditions such as acne as well as migraines.

Cosmetic surgery has grown in popularity particularly among women (by over 200%) and many of the procedures that they request can be done without surgery such as laser-hair removal and Botox injections.

Reduced Risk
Non-invasive procedures reduce the risk of infection since there are no open wounds. Also, the patient can have procedures done at the doctor’s office rather than at a hospital.

Less pain and shorter recovery time
Non-invasive surgery is less painful and requires less recovery time. This is very convenient for the patient who has a busy schedule.

Higher rates of accuracy
Cosmetic professionals now have sophisticated tools available to help them target problem areas with greater accuracy. This means that the results are enhanced and the chances of errors are reduced.

Tattoo removal
Laser treatment is a common method of tattoo removal, which is another reason why non-invasive procedures have grown in popularity. Tattoos can now be removed relatively safely and with minimal pain.

Increased expectations
Patients now want results faster with minimal inconvenience to their daily lives and non-invasive treatment offers this option.

Between the results experienced and the convenience that this option offers, it’s proving to be a valuable option for everyone. It is best to consult with your doctor to determine what would be the best course of action to take. For more information, contact the Beauti-Med staff today.

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