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18 Mar

Which Tattoo Colours are Easiest to Remove?

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Different people get tattoos for different reasons, like commemorating an event, for style, to honour family members, or even to associate with a social group, but after a while, it may cease to reflect the real you.

Colour Tattoo

If you want to get rid of your ink, just how easy will it be to remove your tattoo?

Dermatologists say that any tattoo can be removed, or at least fade an extreme amount, though the number of treatments necessary to get an effective result is largely influenced by the tattoo’s colour. Of all tattoo colours, black are the easiest to treat, especially if they were done by an amateur.

Tattoo colours to avoid

Compared to black and grey, colours such as green and blue are the most difficult to remove with laser treatment, though the level of difficulty depends on whether it was done by an amateur or professional. In fact, colour tattoos done by an amateur can take twice as many procedures to remove as those done by a professional.

Other colours such as red, yellow, orange, and brown, respond fairly well to laser treatments.

Tattoo Removal FAQ

To help you better understand the ins and outs of tattoo removal, below are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions on the subject.

Q. What influences how fast, easily, and completely a tattoo can be removed?

A. The results of your tattoo removal depend on its location, the volume and type of ink used, your age, as well as whether the person who did it was a professional or an amateur as amateurs often use more ink.

Q. Can you remove layered tattoos?

A. Multi-coloured tattoos are very common, where clients get a darker coloured tattoo to cover up an already existing one. Basically, it is easy to remove black tattoos, but more sessions are necessary to remove old tattoos that were layered or previously covered up.

Q. Will it leave a scar?

A. Chances of scarring are usually less than five percent if you follow the recommended after care instructions. That said, the risk of scarring increases with poor blood circulation, dark skin tone, pregnancy, a history of keloids (elevated scarring), immune system deficiencies, or certain health conditions or medication.

So, is your coloured tattoo coming off?

It’s worth noting that you can clear your black, grey, or coloured tattoo to a level that is barely visible to the naked eye, though it is hard to determine what number of treatments will get you the desired results. This is because of the huge variability in ink composition (depending on who did the tattoo), your own immune system, which is what actually clears the ink, as well as your lifestyle – like whether or not you smoke.

If you’re looking to have your tattoo removed, book a consultation with a professional to learn more about your available options!


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