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15 Oct

What age should one be before considering Botox; I am twenty-eight years old and I don’t have any wrinkles?

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That is a very good question; as it requires both a clinical and psychological point of view.

Botox Treatment

Clinically, one would consider age, health, genetics, and life style as these all determine the condition of the skin. Becoming older, a higher stress level, being a smoker, and inherent genetics would all pre-determine our propensity for wrinkles. Hence, considering Botox would be a good option as it smoothes lines that have formed and also, prevents any future lines from forming.

Looking at it psychologically, an individual who personally likes their wrinkles and believes they give character, would not consider Botox. Another individual may want to have their wrinkles smoothed. This individual believes they look better, and therefore, they consider the effect a confidence builder.

So, you see, there really is no age specific answer, rather more of determining what is best for you. As you do not have wrinkles, you may be asking yourself, should I be looking at Botox as perhaps preventative medicine, in that it will prolong the chances of developing wrinkles? Or, am I liking the status quo and will attend to my wrinkles as they happen?

Approximately 3 million Botox treatments are safely preformed annually, and Botox has been in Canada for over 10 years. However, like any other prescription drug, as a precautionary measure, be sure to discuss any personal medical conditions with your doctor, prior to receiving Botox.

Thank you for your question.


Dr. John Curry
Owner & Medical Director
Beauti-Med Laser Skin Care Centre

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