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17 Feb

How Should People With Acne Care For Their Skin?

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Having acne prone skin means that you should take different steps to prevent the development of more acne and to help mitigate other issues that come about as a result of acne. Most of the steps we discuss below are quite simple — all it takes is a bit of getting used to, and then the habits of skin care will become second nature.

Caring For Acne Prone Skin

Being gentle with your skin

Even if you find acne frustrating, the answer is not to treat pimples like they are your enemy — instead, you should think of your skin as if it were in the condition you’d like. When washing your face, don’t be rough. Use light, gentle circles to cleanse your face, and also avoid popping your pimples as this can make things worse.

Use sunscreen

Acne often leads to broken skin, and for people who are prone to pigmentation, that can mean permanent scarring and discolouration. There are a few ways to protect yourself, including:

  • Wearing a hat before leaving the house
  • Use sunscreen in the mornings and reapply throughout the day, even if you’re only outdoors for 5 minutes at a time
  • Use a strong enough sunscreen

It’s a good idea to choose a light, non-comedogenic sunscreen to prevent further breakouts.

Don’t try to cover up your acne

It may be tempting to try and cover up pimples using makeup, but this can be a bad idea for a few reasons. Heavy makeup can clog your pores, leading to more pimples and prolonging the cycle of acne. Furthermore, makeup isn’t very effective at making raised surfaces appear flat, so instead of a red bump on your face, it will look like a splotchy bump on your face. The best solution is to be patient with your skin and use an effective acne treatment to permanently break out of the cycle.

See a skin care specialist and follow instructions

Skin care experts will know exactly what will work best for you in terms of treatments and daily skin care. It’s much better to find the right specialist who will help you get the skin you want than it is to try one over-the-counter product after another on your own.

If you’ve lived with acne for years, it may be hard to believe that relief is only a few months away. Come in to see how we can help you today!

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