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2 Oct

Four Steps to the Perfect Lip Enhancement

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Well, you have finally engineered the courage to have your lips enhanced. However, you know, by photos you have seen, some injectors have a clue of what they are doing and others do not. You want your lips to look natural; you want the ageing lines and shrinkage that currently is happening, to be gone. You definitely don’t want Daffy Duck lips (lips protruding from your face like a duck bill) or wiener lips (lips that look like huge sausages). So, where do you start?

Lip Enhancement

  1. Finding the injector: Word of mouth is generally the best way to find a good injector. Injectors are not immediately experts at this cosmetic enhancement. It takes many years of training and practice and you don’t want to be a guinea pig for any of those injectors. Ask your friends; think of it as trying to find a good hair cutter. You want to see the end product before you commit. The internet has many injectors listed, check out their before and after pictures. Make sure you are receiving a treatment from a doctor that is well established in the community and has being injecting actively for the past several years.
  2. The proportions: What makes the perfect lip? There are big and little lips, and all can be beautiful. The determining factor is the ratio that is maintained. The upper lip should be three to five for the lower lip….The volume of the lip should be maintained mid-lip and gradually receded to the corners. Also, the line of the natural lip should be followed; otherwise, the lip will look unnatural and uneven. Not only should upper and lower lip be portioned to each other, the lips should also be proportionate to the face. Generally, a broad jaw line can aesthetically, pleasingly support a larger lip.
  3. Where to start: First time “lip recipients” should consider a mini-lip, which is half the amount of a full lip injection. Most filler products can last as long as a year or longer, so if there is a “mistake”, it will be less evident. You also want to feel comfortable and have confidence in your injector; this may take a few appointments. With the mini-lip treatment, you can always come back for more filler – it is harder to extract the filler once injected.
  4. What filler to use: There are so many fillers on the market, where does one start? Today, the filler manufacturers are realizing the same filler for the cheeks as the lips may not produce the results and effect you want. For the cheeks the filler can be more rigid; but for the lips, you would want a softer product. Some manufacturers are now producing product specific to an area; such as Volbella for the lips; which makes a filler much easier to choose. Fillers can last from six months to a year. This is why finding an injector that you can trust to do a good job is so important.
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