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18 Oct

Fountain of youth discovered?

Posted in Beauti-Med Tips

In the past year a new treatment for anti-aging, scar, and wrinkle reversal has been used by the world’s most recognized cosmetic surgeons. When used in combination with a ProFractional laser the skin damage is reversed in a gradual manner.

Surgeons are using concentrated growth and collagen factors from a small amount of the recipient’s blood. This process is becoming the holy grail of anti-aging – very similar to the science of stem cells.

Dubbed the Dracula therapy by the tabloids; the candidates blood sample is centrifuged to concentrate and separate the growth and anti-aging portions which can then be implanted under the skin of the patient, in the areas requiring growth stimulation. This growth stimulation is also being used to reverse hair loss or diminishing hair growth.

Have we found the “Fountain of Youth”? Maybe, the results after treatment are amazing.

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