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15 Jan

Finally, a Treatment for Cellulite!

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Treatment For CelluliteIf you are female and eighteen years old you have heard or seen the word cellulite. Cellulite, a word, that once it has crept into your vocabulary, you will hear and dread it as much as going to the dentist. Generally, cellulite, an orange peel texturing of the skin, and can appear on the upper thighs, abdomen, buttocks, and upper arms – where-ever fat tends to settle.

The condition itself is not life threatening; however, it does have a psychological affect, much like acne – you wish it would just go away – it is annoying and embarrassing. There have been many treatments that have been indicated for cellulite improvement, such as creams, diets and exercise. Nothing seemed to make an appreciable difference in the condition, until VelaShape II came on the market.

Why do I have cellulite?

In order to explain why we have cellulite, as we are not born with it, is to understand the anatomy of the skin. The layer of skin which covers our entire body is called the epidermis. Beneath the epidermis, is a second layer called the dermis, where we find nerves, sweat glands, blood vessels, and hair follicles. Below this stratum is a layer of fat, which is separated in chambers by connective tissue. It is at this point we see the cause or result of cellulite. From the separated fat chambers, the fat cells are squeezed to protrude outward into the dermis and the epidermis; causing the irregular, bumpy texture we call cellulite.

Basically, women’s hormones have a lot to do with the predisposition of cellulite. Although, a few men have cellulite; woman predominately are victims of this irregularity of the skin (90 – 98%). As well, the fat layer of the man is not separated in chambers; it has more of a criss-crossing of connective tissue preventing the protrusion of fat cells into their thicker dermis and epidermis.

What is VelaShapeII?

VelaShape II uses a combination of infrared light, radio frequency, plus vacuum and mechanical manipulation to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Why does it work?

To improve the appearance of cellulite; there are a couple of factors we need to consider; thickness of the skin and the composition of the fat layer below the skin. Due to the aging process elastin and collagen, which make up the connective tissue in the fat layer, becomes gradually looser as we age, allowing for more of the fat cells to protrude into the dermis. If we could build up collagen and elastin within the fat layer and smooth out the fat cells, the outer layer of the skin (epidermis) would appear smoother.

How does it work?

The paddle of the VelaShape II is placed on the area of treatment and is gently glided back and forth until the skin is heated to above 41C. The energy produced by the infrared light and radio frequency heats the skin to a depth of 5 to 15 millimetres. At the same time the paddle uses suction and mechanical manipulation to open up the blood vessels, to improve circulation, and smooth the fat deposits.

Together, the heating and manipulation of the VelaShape II encourages new collagen and elastin in the connective tissues. This leads to tighter and smoother looking skin; the only thing missing is a new wardrobe to show off the cellulite-free body parts!

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