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7 Jan

Correcting the Signs of an Aging Face

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I think most of us would agree that fine lines and wrinkles would be the first thing we notice as the aging process of the face begins. These topical signs are merely the symptom of what is going on beneath the surface of the skin.

Aging Face

As we age, the skin support system, our skeleton, is not producing calcium as it did when we were in our youth and, therefore, the structure of the face starts to lose its original shape. Most lines of the face begin to sag downward. The cheeks flatten and lose their plumpness. The jaw line becomes less defined, and the orbital rims of the eyes become larger. The effects are a receding chin and eyes that are deeper set and hollowed.

Although this process of losing bone density cannot, as yet, be reversed; it can be slowed by taking calcium supplements.  Also, the hollows of the eyes can be corrected to a pleasing degree by under eye injections of a natural, hyaluronic acid, dermo-restructuring filler. The cavitation of the brow bone can be elevated by filler; lifting the downward droop that is so common to the aging face – giving it a more youthful appearance.

The fillers now are so sophisticated that instead of having one filler to treat all structural loss deficiencies of the skin; the fillers are now specific to the areas being treated.  Thicker, more viscous fillers are used for the cheek bones and thinner, softer fillers for the lips. The depletion of volume and support of the cheeks and lips can be resurrected with the use of a well placed cannula and a filler, such as Juvederm, in the affected areas.

Surgery used to be the only option for cosmetic adjustments to correct the aging face; cosmetic surgery is long lasting and does do well when removal of excess skin is required. However, now with non-surgical capabilities such as Botox and filler, cosmetic rejuvenation can be apart of most people’s lives. Generally the non-surgical option is easier on the pocketbook, downtime is considerably less and the results can be amazing.  The options are becoming endless, and the choices are only ours to make.

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