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4 Jan

7 Treatment Options For Facial Scars

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Facial scars can be a bother to some people, but there are various treatment options for this condition; some being less invasive than others. Depending on the type of scars you have and the appearance you are seeking, your surgeon/dermatologist may be able to recommend an appropriate course of action.

Skin Fillers

  1. Dermabrasion
  2. In this procedure the practitioner uses a special brush to remove the top layers of the skin. The skin turns red and new cells are formed giving the skin a glowing, fresh, pinkish colour. This procedure has become increasingly popular as an alternative to cosmetic surgery and often leaves the facial skin smooth and with minimal imperfections.

  3. Laser Resurfacing
  4. Laser treatment can target specific areas in the skin that need resurfacing. They have the same effect on skin as dermabrasion but can sometimes have a longer recovery time.

  5. Skin Fillers
  6. Skin fillers are a way to fill depressed scars caused by acne. The practitioner may use the patient’s own body fat or other artificial substance. Fillers can give both permanent or temporary results.

  7. Skin tightening
  8. Using special technology and radiofrequency, the practitioner tightens the skin, causing scars to be less visible on the skin.

  9. Creams, Gels and Bandages
  10. These are over-the-counter products that can be used at home; therefore they are the ideal products for the DIY type of people. They not only treat raised scars but also help to relieve the pain and itching that comes with acne. Unfortunately, these are not nearly as effective as dermabrasions or resurfacing.

  11. Surgery
  12. Surgery is often a last option for patients, but it is still one that is available. Acne surgery can reduce raised scars. The surgery can be performed in the office of the dermatologist and is often followed by another procedure to make it as effective as possible. These procedures usually take the form of injections or radiation treatment.

  13. Cryosurgery
  14. The scar tissue is frozen in this type of surgery. By freezing the affected tissue it simply falls off. Usually patients undergo a series of sessions in order to see results.

There are many treatment options you can choose from and they usually depend on the type of acne scars you have (raised or depressed), so talk to our team today to explore your options.

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