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18 Feb

What is SkinTyte?

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Collagen is a protein in our bodies that essentially holds us together. Through the aging process, the amount of collagen in our skin diminishes, causing it to sag. A newly developed procedure called SkinTyte makes looking more youthful without surgery possible.

After SkinTyte Treatment

A rapidly pulsing inferred light is aimed at the area where the improvements are needed. Redness may appear on the targeted areas after a session but will return to normal in less than a day.

However beneficial this light energy treatment is to improve sun damaged or aging skin, that’s not its only use.

What Else can SkinTyte be used for?

  • Dry skin patches
  • Acne scaring
  • Rosacea

SkinTyte can be performed on any skin type and on almost any part of the body, except arms, legs and breasts. It’s comfortable, affordable and requires no downtime after the session is over. Participants of this procedure will follow a treatment plan that works for them and their doctor. A typical schedule is three to six treatment sessions, which are separated approximately three weeks apart.

The length of a session all depends on how many areas are being treated. What makes SkinTyte so convenient is that it doesn’t hinder you from accomplishing daily tasks. Patients often easily make it to work the same day with no discomfort.

SkinTyte can make pores and fine lines around the eyes and mouth smaller, but lines of expression, such as frown lines, will not change. Side effects have been reported to be mild and short lived. Blistering, redness and bruising are a possibility, but occurs in only 1% of candidates.

How to Prepare for SkinTyte

Before going in for treatment, the face must be clean of any makeup or ointments and men will be required to shave. If there are any cuts, sores or blisters on your skin, treatment might be postponed. Individuals who are sensitive to pain may apply a topical cream to their skin an hour before their session takes place. People using blood thinners such as Coumadin or Heparin are required to stop taking them before they receive therapy.

Insulin-dependent diabetics or people that have a blood clot-forming disorder are not good candidates for this procedure. For women who are pregnant, it is highly advised that you wait until after your pregnancy to begin SkinTyte rejuvenation. The use of certain medications such as Accutane will need to be stopped weeks prior to treatment.

SkinTyte is an extremely safe procedure that produces great results. If you’re looking to change the look of your skin, contact your surgeon to book a consultation!

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