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BEAUTI-MED Laser Skin Care Centre is an advanced non-surgical medical aesthetics clinic offering a wide variety of cosmetic procedures designed to enhance the health and appearance of body and face. Throughout history the desire to look younger or enhance our appearance has not changed - however the technology and options available to us have.

From a modern perspective, cosmetic facial lifting and body contouring were once only the domain of surgical practice. Now, in just the last decade cosmetic science has provided us with safe, non-surgical options that deliver quick, visible and natural looking results. This is wonderful news for people with today's busy lifestyles. BEAUTI-MED's non-surgical procedures require minimal to no recovery time allowing you to get back to your life with little interruption.

At BEAUTI-MED, Dr. Curry and his staff are dedicated to you as an individual with unique cosmetic concerns. At BEAUTI-MED, we focus on all aspects of what it takes to make your experience at the clinic personal, comfortable and affordable. A new face for a new day is no longer sci-fi entertainment - it's today's reality. Join us and discover the new science of beautiful.

The information contained on this website represents an overview of the procedures offered at BEAUTI-MED. Dr. Curry is available by appointment for consultation Monday through Friday.

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    BROAD BAND LIGHT (BBL): The best in clearing the skin of sun damage such as red spots, brown spots, and tiny red veins.  The results will have you to the point where you want to bare your skin - no makeup!   The BBL, plus the microdermabrasion, takes your face to the next level and rids the skin of the buildup of dead-skin, cell debris.  The results are glowing! 


    LASER HAIR REMOVAL:   Imagine, soft skin with no stubble and never having to wax or shave again!


    MINI LIP: Ready for the holidays and all the compliments!

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